Curtis Noble Photography | Straight Edge Garage

The Exclusive
As Seen On Discovery Channel! 

An exclusive invite only photography location!


Classic Car Bone Yard

A boneyard full of various old cars, trucks, bus' and more.

Military Vehicle and Hot Rod Shop

A restoration shop with a mixture of military vehicles and classic cars at any given time. 

Various Military Vehicles and Aircraft

Military vehicles and aircraft are scattered around the property in various states of repair.

Vintage Rail Cars, Tractors, and Train Tracks

One of the oldest active rail lines in the county run through the property lined

with vintage rail cars and tractors.


Almond orchards come into full bloom in February each year for a

2 week period, but offer various looks throughout the year.

On Site Pool, Theater, Shower, Soaking Tub


Off Site Aircraft Restoration Hanger and Runways

Off site at a local airport is the restoration hanger with a WWII trainer

in the works along with a runway and tarmac perfect for sunset shots. 

Off Site Race Car Shop