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On The Tracks

November 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On The Tracks (NSFW)

Model: Rebecca Briggs

Facebook:         Instagram: @thebeccabriggs

Shibari By: Aaron Michael

Facebook:      Instagram: @aaron_bowholtz_art


 On the tracks is a shoot that was a long time in the making, but all came together at the right time in order for the team to pull off something creative and epic. For this shoot the team consisted of me as the photographer, Rebecca Briggs as the model, and Aaron Michael with his new found love of Shibari. I met Rebecca several years ago when I dropped the wife off to shoot with her and another photographer in the desert while she was visiting California. We started following each other's work after that, and knew that at some point we would have to work together. Aaron and I connected over the last year as we both are involved slightly in the cosplay community. We have discussed several projects that we wanted to work together on, but this would be the first real project we put together and were able to follow through and complete. 

Early in November I reached out to Rebecca and told her that we needed to go ahead and set us up a shoot just to knock out some cool shots. Her schedule was pretty open and we set a date to shoot with no particular theme. So as we discussed what we wanted to shoot, we more or less left it open to just getting together and making it random. She had never been to the Straight Edge Garage, so I knew there would be plenty of stuff that she would be excited to shoot with. Wardrobe wise I told her just bring an assortment of sexy items and we would pick some spots that excited her once she got here and got a chance to walk around. 

Aaron and I had been talking for a couple of months about doing some shoots where he would tie up the models in Shibari inspired rope set up. He had recently taking a liking to this art, and wanted to not only practice, but to see if he could work it into some cool photos. A couple of days before Rebecca and I were set to shoot he let me know that they had been talking, and that he would like to do some Shibari rope work on her for her shoot if it was okay. Since we had no real set theme or anything, this worked out perfect to give us something to plan on for her trip.

Once the day came we knew we wanted to shoot at night, but we had planned for Rebecca to come up early so that we could do a couple other sets before getting to the main set. With her living in L.A. now, I wanted to make sure that we got some good shots to make her trip worth it. Anytime girls come from out of town to shoot I try and do multiple sets so they really get more out of the time and cost of traveling to the shoot. We were just about finished with our last set planned for the sunset when Aaron let us know he was around the corner and ready. So we wrapped up our last few shots, and then met up with Aaron so he could begin tying up Rebecca for the final shoot of the night. It took roughly 15 minutes for him to get her all tied up, which gave me time to get set up and make sure the lighting was how I wanted it.  

Once we got our damsel in distress all tied up, it was time to place her in the middle of the rail road tracks, on the cold hard wooden beams and jagged rocks. This was definitely not a shoot for comfort, nor for the fragile sensitive type of model. Luckily Rebecca was on board with my Anything For The Shot moto, and she suffered through, even when she lost all feeling in her hands and feet due to the cold. It's easy for me to through on a sweater or jacket when the shoots get cold, but you got to give the models credit when they suffer through the elements to ensure the team comes away with their shots. This was a great shoot and I look forward to many more shoots that involve both Rebecca and Aaron in the future. With that I leave you with the rest of the set, which ended with a final shot of the train approaching Miss Rebecca..... I decided not to shoot the moment it ended things for our damsel.   



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