Photographer Wife Swap

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Photographer Wife Swap

Model: Audrie Loraine

Hair/ Make Up: Shot Gun Betty MakeUp

Plane Owner: Dan Hammond

See full set here!

Ever since getting into photography, there have been certain photographers whose work has always stood out to me. Some of these are because their style is just amazing, maybe it's stuff I want to learn from, sometimes its because I would love to see Jessica work with them, and other times it's a mixture of it all. Well I would say that Donnie Chartier of DC Imagery is one who definitely fell into this category from early on. Each type of photography has a certain feel that it typically follows. While each photographer brings their own style and technique, I feel there are certain basics that also need to be met. With that said, my War Bird Pin Up series was one that I felt needed to meet certain expectations of the type of images they would be, as well as my own style to make them stand out as being my own. Donnie was one of the photographers I started to follow early on in order to get a feel of what direction I needed to aim towards, while forging my own path. 

So what does all this have to do with my shoot and the title of this blog you may ask? Well as fate would have it Donnie eventually had a project that he felt Jessica would be good for, and set a date for her to go down and shoot with him. Since on most road trips I typically drive us, but I don't hang around Jessica's shoots, I thought I would line up a shoot of my own in the area. Before I could arrange my own shoot, I needed some type of time frame for Donnie and Jessica's shoot so that I could plan mine around it. After connecting with Donnie and informing him of my plans, he threw the idea out there of me possible shooting with his wife. I thought that this could work out perfect! Having an experienced model, with a great look, and style would mean we could connect and knock out an awesome shoot within the time that Donnie and Jessica would be shooting.

This is where the awesome Audrie Loraine comes into the picture.... literally lol. We connected with eachother and began our planning for this shoot. When Audrie asked what I was thinking, I told her that I was open to do anything that she would be excited for, or really wanting to shoot. Ironically her response to me was pretty much the same lol. One thing she mentioned was that she would really love to do one of my shoots with a plane. So from there her task was to start thinking of a few wardrobe ideas for the day, while I tried to secure us a plane. With Donnie and Jessica shooting in Riverside, it meant that for the best use of time, I would need to find a plane at the Riverside Airport. The only problem was that it just happens to be one of the airports that I knew no one with a plane at. After making a few calls, and reaching out to a few of my regular friends, I then reached out to the Facebook friends and fans, to see if anyone could assist. A friend by the name of Dave that I had not previously had the pleasure of meeting in person was able to step up in a big way and reach out to a plane owner he knew. The plane was based in Corona, but the owner was willing to fly it down for a couple of hours so that we could use it in the shoot.  So Jessica and I left Bakersfield bright and early the morning of the shoots and made our way to Riverside. We ended up meeting up with Donnie so that I could hand Jessica over. Audrie was with her hair and makeup artist getting prepped for our shoot, so after a little bit of visiting time, I made my way to the airport in order to meet with Dave and the plane owner. The timing couldn't have been better, as I could see our plane flying overhead as I pulled into the airport. After scouting a few locations, we found the perfect area for the shoot and directed the plane owner into position as he landed. Once the plane was in place, Miss Audrie arrived, and we let the fun begin! 


For the shoot we had planned wardrobe wise to try and fit in 3 different wardrobes of various looks. With most my War Bird Pin Up sets, I like to do some type of sexy lingerie, some type of dress, and then something in between. Sometimes the in between ranges from high waisted shorts, to bathing suites, or just a more covering form of lingerie. For this one Audrie had brought an amazing sheer night gown that I just knew I wanted tin incorporate into the shoot. So the one thing that is usually the hardest to capture in a set like this though, is usually the fun that happens that makes the shoot what I would consider a success. It just so happened to be that the day we were shooting this set, was the same day that the weeds around the airport were being cleared by members of a work release program. Needless to say that as they were being picked up and driven by the shoot none of them were complaining about their work release duty for the day. Its times like that where you get a good laugh and kind of keep the mood light and fun. As we continued to shoot, there was the idea of having Audrie lying on her back on the wing of the plane. As you can see from the behind the scenes image above, it was an awkward position to shoot in for her. What you do not see is the point where the awesome hair stylist on set (Cynthia) had to hold Audrie in place so she would not slide head first off the wing, then jump out of the way while I quickly grabbed the shots. There may be a little truth to the saying that surviving a shoot with me is an accomplishment. 

As we were wrapping up the shoot I got a text from Jessica that her and Donnie had just finished up and were on their way to the airport to meet us. With the timing working out just about perfect, we all started to pack up, say our goodbyes, and watch the beautiful plane depart into the sunset for its short hop back home to Corona. After seeing everyone else off, it was time for Audrie and I to meet up with Donnie and Jess to go ahead and trade back after a successful day for everyone involved in both shoots! The only thing left to end the day......... well the creeper selfie of course! 

See The Full Set Here!


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