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Photographer: Curtis Noble

 Instagram: @curtisnoblephotog


 Every now and then I hear something along the lines of "Do you ever shoot weddings?" or "Have you ever shot any weddings?". The easy answer is yes, of course I shoot weddings. What I don't typically do is go out marketing for or searching down weddings to shoot. Like anything in photography now days, the markets are over saturated and you have everyone with a camera offering their services at many prices from super high to "why would I leave the house fore that" cheap. I am in a good position where I have a 9-5 job and do not need to seek out every crumb I can get in order to get by, which means not trying to undercut people and turning something I love into a job I hate. On one hand I wouldn't want to set my pricing at such a rate that I am working for less than minimum wage at the end of the day, and on the other I also would not want to be driving prices so low that the many amazing photographers out there are having to devalue themselves to get work in a society that values a low price over quality of work. That said I have been lucky enough to be asked to work on several weddings and do my best to capture everything the Bride and Groom hope for. 

Each photographer has different things that excited them and get them really motivated when shooting weddings. Some like the who thing, while others like shooting bits and pieces such as the first kiss, first dance, family shots, ceremony or venue. Myself, I love the creative side of shooting the Bride and Groom portraits. I love getting to get creative with the lighting and the poses. I love to try and find things that are unique to the couple to include in the shot. I am not a fan of getting the 50 photos of everyone on the dance floor to put on a disc. I am excited to go for that one shot that they want to display over their fireplace or as a center piece of their living room. Now don't get me wrong, I still make sure to get those shots of everyone enjoying themselves, the casual way people hang around and have conversations, and even the family shots. But to me those are shots anyone proficient with a camera could capture, for me its the love between the Bride and Groom that is my go to capture points. 


With all that said, enjoy some of my favorite shots from weddings past that I like to think showcase what I love to capture when being honored with shooting that special day for a couple!



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Classic Style With Shanna Classic Style with Shanna

Model : Shanna K. Dove

       Instagram: @Shanna.K.Dove

Photographer: Curtis Noble

 Instagram: @curtisnoblephotog


 Shanna and I had talked on and off again for a while now about shooting, but we had just never managed to time it right to nock our first shoot out. And with any model and photographer getting together for your first shoot, you really don't know what to expect. Yes, you have seen each other’s work, and yes you have spoken in planning the shoot and have an idea of the persons personality, but the real test is always that first shoot together. Lucky for me Shanna showed up and was instantly friendly and fun to be around. A few jokes, some laughs and a little bit of small talk and we were good to start our shoot. With all shoots we come into it with a general plan on what we want to do and how we want to shoot it, but we really kind of wing it a bit from there in order to get the shots we want. From what I saw in the work Shanna had shared previously, I knew I wanted to do something that was elegant with a classic look to it. The vision I had was almost that of a Victorian error nude painting. Sounds simple enough, but when shooting nude as I do, it is a fine line between the elegant classy vibe, and the provocative sexual vibe. Fortunately, between her look and ability to pose in ways to accentuate the female body while not sexualizing the pose, my job was made 100 time easier. I came up with a general idea of a pose/ angle, and then Shanna would take it from there. In the end I think we nailed the classic elegant style, while adding jut a small touch of sexy provocative feel. Enjoy some of my favorites from the set below and click the link to see the full set!


Also see this full set HERE


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Liz in the Torture Room 1 Liz in the Torture Room Pt. 1

Model : Lizerella

       Instagram: @lizerella19

Photographer: Curtis Noble

 Instagram: @curtisnoblephotog


 After an awesome and long over due first shoot, Liz and I knew we had to do something pretty epic as a follow up for everyone. It just so happened to be that the wife and I had been working hard at building our home haunt all month, and the rooms double as awesome sets to shoot creepy Halloween sets. While talking with Liz about what we wanted to shoot, I told her about our strobe light room that I set up to look like a torture style room. From there Liz went to work on picking out her perfect outfit and look.  After our first shoot we realized that we connect well for shooting and can knock out great sets in minimal time. As with any of my shoots the time most spent is on getting the lighting perfect and then moving it depending on angles and locations in the set. With this set we wanted to bring in the horror creepy vibe of the season, while still giving everyone that sexy feel they expect from our shoots. Once Liz got on set and was in wardrobe I knew she nailed the look for that effect and it was now on me to try and capture it for her. SO with that said, enjoy some of the set below and click the link to get the full experience of Part 1 of Liz in the Torture room!


Also see this full set HERE


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Sober Is Sexy Sober Is Sexy

Model : Jessica Alicia Bertrand

       Instagram: @jessica_bertrand_xoxo

Photographer: Curtis Noble

 Instagram: @curtisnoblephotog


 I wont get into the how or why the Sobriety came to be in the case of my wife and model Jessica, but instead want to share what has come after. From the outside I know there has been moments of struggle over the past year, but this has been surpassed by the amazing moments of growth adn happiness. To celebrate the occasion of one year sober Jessica wanted to do a Birthday shoot. This was a day to celebrate her amazing journey so far, as well as the growth we have experienced as a couple. To say I am proud of her is an understatement. To say its been easy for her would be a lie. But the new friends she has made along this journey has been a driving force in what it takes to continue on this new path. For this I wanted to share the photos that we shot for her one year, which was on July 9th 20202.

If you want to follow Jessica on Social media she often post about her experience in sobriety so far, so I will leave that to her. I will say what I have taken from it, aside from an even stronger love for my wife than ever, is an appreciation for sober models. When following models who I may potentially work with, I have found that I am extremely turned off on wanting to shoot with girls whom I see are a partying shit show to be blunt. It's not saying I don't work with any girls who drink or anything to that level, however I tend to find I am more apt to work with girls who are not party animals. There is a certain quality and attractiveness for people who can have a good time without the influence of drugs or alcohol that makes the more desirable to hang around. The Sober Is Sexy thought process is one that has been around long before I came to hear it, however it is one where once you grasp it you understand and appreciate it. 

And remember you can see any and all uncensored shots from any of my sets following the link below!


Also see this full set HERE


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Halloween Clowns 2020 Welcome to the show!

Model #1 : Alyssa Nicole

 Instagram: @alyssanicole_65

Model #2 : Jessica Alicia Bertrand

       Instagram: @jessica_bertrand_xoxo

Photographer: Curtis Noble

 Instagram: @curtisnoblephotog


 Step on up, step on up! You don't want to miss this show! It don't matter if you are a fan of clowns, horror, the circus or sexy girls, there is something here for all! Don't be afraid! What's the worst that can happen? Even if captured, would you really complain? With that said lets stop the talk and start the show! 

And remember you can see any and all uncensored shots from any of my sets following the link below!


Also see this full set HERE



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Michael's Revenge! Michael's Revenge! (Halloween Tribute)

Model #1 : Wishes to remain anonymous

Model #2 : Jessica Alicia Bertrand

Facebook: https://www.         Instagram: @jessica_bertrand_xoxo

Michael Myers : Daniel Young

Facebook:          Instagram: @dan.young

Photographer: Curtis Noble

Facebook:        Instagram: @curtisnoblephotog

FX make Up: Todd Powers

Facebook:       Instagram: @toddpowersphotos



 Recently while flipping through the wonderful internet I came across a cool still shot from the movie Halloween of Michael Myers attacking one of his victims, and the artistic way the image looked really caught my eye. This inspired me to want to do a full set of photos that were inspired by the original Halloween film and would also follow a story line that viewers could use to piece together whats going on between each scene. With the mixture of what I typically shoot adn wanting to pay a little homage to not only the 80's horror film genre, I decided that our victims would definitely have to die topless in their underwear, I mean lets be real, some of us saw our first set of breast as a young kid watching horror movies, its almost a right of passage many boys can relate to.  With that said I obviously had to choose my wonderful wife to be a victim, not only because of her amazing shoots she does, but also because of the various horror movies she herself has been in. When looking for a second victim I looked beyond my normal batch of models, and brought in an unkown who ironically wanted to remain anonymous in the crediting. As I was looking for the perfect Michael Myers, my buddy Dan sent me a photo of his wardrobe that would be perfect for this role, and I knew he was going to have to be a part of it! Originally I was going to wing it on the death scenes and gore, and maybe just throw some fake blood on the girls, however something in me really wanted it to look real. Thats when I decided to hit up another local photographer who not only is a bad ass behind the camera, but is awesome when it comes to the gory effects that he uses in his shoots. Todd not only came in with the ideas and execution of the perfect effects make up, but he also brought in some creative direction to help me nail the shots I was going for. As with any good shoot this was definitely the product of a great team working together, having fun, and of course a bit of nudity! 

Now enjoy the story line of photos, and use your imagination to fill in the context of whats going on and the blank spaces between the shots! 

Uncensored shots will be upload to Patreon, which you can find in the link below.




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When Rock Meets Pin Up Rock Queen Mixi Goes Pin Up!

Model: Mixi

Facebook:          Instagram: @mixiofficial

Photographer: Curtis Noble

Facebook:        Instagram: @curtisnoblephotog


 Lets start out with a little history here before we dive into this fun shoot. About 6 or so years ago my wife and I happened to pop into a little pizza joint here in Bakersfield called Jerry's Pizza that we rarely go into while we were out. On this particular night they happen to have a band playing that I can honestly say I had never heard of. While the band was playing I was talking to the wife and we were talking about how I wanted to take my photography into the music industry, but I wasn't sure how to make that happen. About that time the band came in, from an old white van with a Papa Johns sign on the top, and the wife said "Wow that singer is hot, you definitely need to shoot with her....... Im gonna go talk to her". From there a professional relationship and friendship with the Mixi and the rest of Stitched Up Heart was born. 

Fast forward to June of 2019 and myself and Mixi are trying to make our schedules connect for we can knock out some new shots and be able to catch up. At this point we have shot several sets together and are always looking to go big and top the last set we have done. One thing I have access too that a lot of photographer don't is aircraft, so Mixi mentioned that she wanted to maybe shoot with an airplane. So I was thinking "yeah we can totally do a bad ass rocker chick on an airplane shoot". But then when wardrobe ideas started popping up on my phone I was surprised to see Pin Up stuff. For me this was really exciting because we were gonna make the rock world and pin up world collide for our shoot! I mean it was obviously gonna be a bit of a challenge and require more from Mixi than anything, but I knew she was up for the challenge and I was going to be the one to get to capture it. 

The day of the shoot came and we really could not ask for much better weather. I mean it was the end of June when we are usually cooking out here, yet the day was not too hot. I met up with Mixi and the always awesome Merritt at the airport and escorted them in to show them the aircraft I had waiting for them. Once we pulled up the immediately went to check out and play with the aircraft while I gave them a little history on them. Anytime I can share my passion of aviation with someone I jump at the chance, so it was cool seeing them so excited to be around these aircraft. After a few minutes of catching up we jumped into it with the wardrobe for the shoot adn planning our angles. Once that was accomplished, then the fun began!

After shooting for about an hour, we knew we had gotten some great shots and that we had accomplished our goal. However, we still wanted to shoot in the sunset and had another hour to kill. This lead to us all brainstorming about what we can do to make the shoot extra epic. Everyone knows my motto is "Anything For The Shot", so we basically started thinking of way we could risk Mixi's well being in order to get some shots on another level. One of the aircraft we were using is called an A-26 and it is a rather large aircraft. As we are staring at this plane and racking our brains about what to do, Mixi and I at the same time were like "What about getting all the way on top of the plane?". I think Merritt was more worried that I was gonna kill Mixi at this point, but he was willing to go along with our plan. The only way I could think of to get her on top of the plane was to pull my truck up next to the nose, and then have Mixi scale my truck and go from the roof onto the plane. In our rush to get killer shots the one thing we didn't think about, was that it would probably be easier for her to climb if we took the heels off she was wearing, but she managed just fine regardless. From this point it was all about climbing all over the plane and capturing all the shots we could. 


In the end I would say the shoot was an overall success. Mixi not only survived, but she didn't even have any battle scars from it (I must push her harder next shoot). The weather couldn't of been any better for the day, and the clouds came in just in time to create a great sunset background in the end.  I doubt we could of done this without the assistance of Merritt for the day as well. From helping with wardrobe and sets, to becoming a light stand for some of the shots, he is always there for these shoots. And lastly when it came to pulling off the Pin Up look, you could tell Mixi did her homework, practice her looks and transformed, if just for a few hours, into the perfect Pin Up character! 

See full gallery here!!!



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Top 9 Model Shots of 2017 Top 9 Model Shots of 2017

Not going to make a long typed up blog here. Just want to make a quick way of sharing 9 of my favorite shots of 2017. It was an amazing year, went by super fast, and shot way more than I even imagined I would. I got to work with all my favorite models, and make many new friends along the way. So with that said enjoy some of my favories! 



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On The Tracks On The Tracks (NSFW)

Model: Rebecca Briggs

Facebook:         Instagram: @thebeccabriggs

Shibari By: Aaron Michael

Facebook:      Instagram: @aaron_bowholtz_art


 On the tracks is a shoot that was a long time in the making, but all came together at the right time in order for the team to pull off something creative and epic. For this shoot the team consisted of me as the photographer, Rebecca Briggs as the model, and Aaron Michael with his new found love of Shibari. I met Rebecca several years ago when I dropped the wife off to shoot with her and another photographer in the desert while she was visiting California. We started following each other's work after that, and knew that at some point we would have to work together. Aaron and I connected over the last year as we both are involved slightly in the cosplay community. We have discussed several projects that we wanted to work together on, but this would be the first real project we put together and were able to follow through and complete. 

Early in November I reached out to Rebecca and told her that we needed to go ahead and set us up a shoot just to knock out some cool shots. Her schedule was pretty open and we set a date to shoot with no particular theme. So as we discussed what we wanted to shoot, we more or less left it open to just getting together and making it random. She had never been to the Straight Edge Garage, so I knew there would be plenty of stuff that she would be excited to shoot with. Wardrobe wise I told her just bring an assortment of sexy items and we would pick some spots that excited her once she got here and got a chance to walk around. 

Aaron and I had been talking for a couple of months about doing some shoots where he would tie up the models in Shibari inspired rope set up. He had recently taking a liking to this art, and wanted to not only practice, but to see if he could work it into some cool photos. A couple of days before Rebecca and I were set to shoot he let me know that they had been talking, and that he would like to do some Shibari rope work on her for her shoot if it was okay. Since we had no real set theme or anything, this worked out perfect to give us something to plan on for her trip.

Once the day came we knew we wanted to shoot at night, but we had planned for Rebecca to come up early so that we could do a couple other sets before getting to the main set. With her living in L.A. now, I wanted to make sure that we got some good shots to make her trip worth it. Anytime girls come from out of town to shoot I try and do multiple sets so they really get more out of the time and cost of traveling to the shoot. We were just about finished with our last set planned for the sunset when Aaron let us know he was around the corner and ready. So we wrapped up our last few shots, and then met up with Aaron so he could begin tying up Rebecca for the final shoot of the night. It took roughly 15 minutes for him to get her all tied up, which gave me time to get set up and make sure the lighting was how I wanted it.  

Once we got our damsel in distress all tied up, it was time to place her in the middle of the rail road tracks, on the cold hard wooden beams and jagged rocks. This was definitely not a shoot for comfort, nor for the fragile sensitive type of model. Luckily Rebecca was on board with my Anything For The Shot moto, and she suffered through, even when she lost all feeling in her hands and feet due to the cold. It's easy for me to through on a sweater or jacket when the shoots get cold, but you got to give the models credit when they suffer through the elements to ensure the team comes away with their shots. This was a great shoot and I look forward to many more shoots that involve both Rebecca and Aaron in the future. With that I leave you with the rest of the set, which ended with a final shot of the train approaching Miss Rebecca..... I decided not to shoot the moment it ended things for our damsel.   


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The Disenchanted Forest The Disenchanted Forest

Model: Erica Rey



 Over a year ago I came across the location of an old Christmas Tree Farm that had burned down several years ago. All that really remained was the entrance, which consisted of a four tower castle. I knew I eventually wanted to shoot here, but I did not want to just shoot a random set. Being a unique location, I wanted to make sure the set was fitting for it. Aside with trying to find the right concept, I also knew it was going to be difficult to shoot as it is about 20 feet off the side of a road with undesirable surroundings to shoot with. 

Well fast forward a year and I had all but forgotten about this location. While preparing for a new series I wanted to do, I was setting up a Disney style Princess Shoot with model, and professional princess, Erica Rey. Erica not only is a model, but she has a full assortment of Disney costumes, as she runs her own company where she can make an appearance at birthday parties, events, and more as just about any Disney Character you can desire. ( So while thinking of exactly what we wanted to do, I remembered this location and sent a shot of it to Erica. She quickly agreed it would work perfect for our shoot, and decided she wanted to do Snow White. So now it was time for the planning to begin! 

Now that we knew what we were going to be shooting, it was time to plan on when and work out the details. Well as luck would have it Erica and I were set to shoot another theme in about a week, and figured we could work out details at that time. Being the social media whore I am, I of course had to post a teaser shot of the location to wet the people lips on what was to come. It wasn't but 5 minutes after posting the teaser shot, that I got a message from the owner of a demolition company informing me of his plans to demolish the site. When I told him my plans and asked if he knew when he would begin the demolition, he told me the paperwork was signed and should be some time the following week. This changed things real quick! I let Erica know and we basically had to cancel our already planned shoot and move ahead with this one. 

Those who know me or have worked with me on any type of themes shoot know I take these fairly seriously and don't just jump into them. Instead I write out a script of shots I want, including list of props, and perform test of lighting ideas. In this case, all of these items were going to have to happen on the fly. I had a few key shots in mind, and was coming up with ideas on my way to the location. Once on the first location I instantly began to work on the lighting and feel I wanted while Erica got herself into costume and prepared.  We were actually able to shoot everything needed at the Castle location within about 20 minutes. But for me, this one location and scene weren't going to quiet do it for me. I felt the shoot needed another part to it. 

After wrapping things up at the Castle, we then drove a short distance to a local park, where I had a location idea to continue this set. Once on site Erica pulled out a glass lantern that she had brought, in thinking it would possibly work for a prop of some sort. I loved the idea, but was very unsure on how I could pull off making it work the way we envisioned. Usually on something like this I would of ran several test at home to try and get the technique down. But with the last minute nature of this shoot, I had to just play it by hear and hope to get something. Luckily Erica was a trooper, and was able to hold the lantern up while I attempted various was of lighting the scene, angle adjustments, and multiple shots. 

The idea I had for the final shots involved a dark forest, but with some fantasy lighting that I had more or less accidentally done during a recent engagement session. By now it had gotten late and had actually gotten dark outside, making it easier to get the feel I was going for. Working with Erica meant that I had to worry zero about directing the model, and it was on me to just get the lighting right. So needless to say once I had my stuff in order it took about a 5 minute flow from Erica in order to get all the shots for the scene I needed. This is the benefit of booking experienced models, time is money, and when a model can do a shot in 5 minutes versus 2 hours, they are worth every bit of their cost. At this point all that was left was the final death scene I had in mind for the set. I literally came up with the final shot about 2 hours before we were set to shoot. Luckily I had some fake blood at home, and was able to stop by a store on way to the shoot and get the apple we needed. The only thing to figure out for the shot was how to accomplish her lying dead on the ground without damaging or dirtying up the wardrobe. 

In the end I think the shoot was an overall success. Sometimes the best ones are the ones where you are forced to be creative and think on the spot. I am sure this is not the last princess collaboration you will see between Erica and I, but will serve as a good base to make sure each shoot is taken to the next level and ever growing. The full set can be seen following the link below, and feel free to share this set as you wish!

Snow White and The Disenchanted Castle

(Full Set)

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10 Days In September 10 Days In September!

Kevin Eldredge's "Relentless" Sport Class Racer

Every September for over 50 years now, the quiet Reno-Stead Airport comes to life with the sound and excitement of aviation. This event is known as the National Championship Air Races, and not only offers excitement, but the opportunity for aviation photographers to go crazy with their passion. The event typically kicks off on a Wednesday and comes to a head the following Sunday with the Unlimited Gold Race to crown the ultimate champion in air racing. But for some of us this journey begins much sooner and offers far more than just air racing. Those of us photographers who make our way "home" every September to spend early mornings and late nights on the ramp, not only begin our planning months in advance, but also arrive days before the gates open for the crowds to arrive. 

This year's Air Races ran from Wednesday September 14th through Sunday September 18th, but my arrival was actually on the afternoon of Thursday September 8th. Some people call us crazy, the photographers that are on site before the first planes arrive, the first barricades have been set in place, or the first sign of life has even begun on this sleepy airport. What they don't understand is that this event is more to us than a chance to shoot photos of airplanes, this is a chance to capture the ups and downs, emotions, victories and defeat of the human spirit and its quest for aviation greatness. Some of these feelings come from the people involved, while others can come from a lone airplane sitting on the tarmac as the sunrises or sets for the day. In order to capture these moments you must be there from the time the first plane arrives till the last one departs, and every moment in between. 

The early part of the week is spent easing into things, catching up with friends, and a very relaxed atmosphere of shooting and freedom. A small portion of the nearly 170 photographers granted access to this event call themselves the "Dan Patrol". These are the photographers that wake up before the sunrises, get to the airport to see whats on the ramp, and spend the morning drinking their coffee (or in my case Red Bull) as they capture the sunrise over whatever aircraft has graciously been left out on the ramp for out morning subject. While this does continue through the entirety of the event, the rules and regulations become stricter throughout the week, not only restricting where we can be, but what can be left on the ramp over night. This is part of why we find it so important to get to the event early, before our access is tightened up. 

As the first weekend before the actual event approaches, the aircraft begin to pour in so that they arrive before the cut off time, and can begin testing and tuning their machines for optimum performance. This is when you will start to find aircraft of every class performing run ups on the ramp, test flights, and repairs. The ramp then begins to come alive with the sights and sounds of the event which is soon to take place. As photographers we still enjoy the unlimited access and the chance to capture aircraft which in some cases may not make it to race week. In between photo opportunities we all share stories of races of the past, whats going on in each others lives, rumors and stories floating around the pits, and a lot of laughs. This early time on the ramp the bond between us is reformed, and new photographers are welcomed into a circle of family and friends with a passion that keeps us connected.


With the first weekend coming to an end, things start to tighten down, but are drive for the perfect shots gets even stronger. Photographers have to check in with the media ops personnel, get your access for the week, and learn the rules being put in place so that we can make sure we get our shots while staying in compliance with the restrictions that grow tighter each and every year. While we may get discouraged a time or two with some of the restrictions, we quickly realize that the access we have is still amazing, and that we always find a way to get the shots we are after.

Wednesday has arrived, with the first day of the actual event taking place. Not only does this mean more action, more people, but it also means access to the pylons which the aircraft race around. These are not only the shots most photographers come for, but its the experience that most race fans dream of. We are taken out in groups to pre-planned pylons where we can shoot the aircraft racing around us as low as 50 feet off the ground at speeds of up to 500 mph. While we fire away trying to capture the perfect shots, we also take time to put the cameras down and just take in what is happening around us. There is a certain feeling, that as hard as we try, can not be captured in a photo from being on a pylon. 

As the week continues into the weekend, the spectators in attendance, the speeds of the aircraft, and the shutter count on our cameras continue to rise. Myself I try and be specific in what I shoot and keep my shots under 2,000 a day, but there are others who will shoot upwards of 5,000 shots a day. All of this is to ensure that we get those shots that we can not wait to get home and process at the end of the event. Many of us have specific teams and pilots that we have connected with and make the extra effort to ensure we capture not only great shots for them, but also the shots they can use for their current and future sponsors. In order to get a good set for a team it takes time devoted to not only shooting with them, but also planning the shots around a busy schedule for everyone involved. Not only is the race and event schedule fluid and every changing, but a shoot with an aircraft can be changed at the last minute should they run into an issue that requires them to work on the aircraft. In the end they are in Reno to race, not for photos. 

Sunday brings us to the main event, the day everyone has been waiting for, the gold race for each class to see who is the best of the best. I have learned over the past few years, that after already shooting for 9 days straight, that on Sunday it is okay to set the camera down and be a spectator and enjoy the events in ways other than through the lens. While most photographers are still firing away to get every last moment captured, I have found that while I am there to take photos, its okay to spend a day making memories that will only live on in your head, and shared with those around you at the time they are happening. Sunday evening usually ends with an awards banquet followed by relaxing time with family and friends, reliving and sharing the moments of the last week. Come Monday morning we will all be packing up camp to begin our journeys home, while the airport begins its process of going back to sleep until next September. 


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But Bakersfield Is So Far! Bakersfield is so far!

 This is the common statement I hear from girls who want to arrange a shoot with me, so I thought what a great topic for a blog! I won't focus on simply reasons to travel to Bakersfield to shoot with me, but why it is worth it to be open for travel in general to get the right shots and work with the right people. Ironically this statement usually comes from beginners in the industry, while established people understand and are more open to travel. This information is probably most important to those just beginning to work in the industry, but information that even seasoned veterans can take lessons from and pass along. While I focus mostly on models, this is useful for anyone in the industry from model, photographers, hair and makeup artist, wardrobe designers, and more!


Before I even go into reasons it's worth it to travel to Bakersfield to shoot with me, I want to rewind a few years to when I was just starting out as a photographer. At that point I was a no name running around with a camera with lots of visions in my head, but no real direction on how to capture them. So like most people in this industry, I started out working locally with talent along the same lines as me. Most of you know this as trade work, work where all parties are contributing together and learning with each other. In the end everyone walks away with a little more experience and some images to throw in their portfolio. I soon learned that in order to learn and grow to where I wanted to be, I was going to have to expand my network and who I was working with. So at this point who am I to ask established models and designers to drive to Bakersfield to shoot with this no name photographer that still hasn't even learned how to take a proper photo? 


Networking and Studios

This is when I figured out that I was going to have to get ready to start traveling, but where was I going to go? The answers to that question would fall into place by networking on social media. By putting some time in on social media, you get to meet people in the industry, find out where things are happening, who you want to work with, and locations you want to shoot at. One of my first ventures came when I attended a group shoot at Wonderland Studios in Orange County. Now myself, I am not a fan of big groups, lots of cameras, models everywhere, and an overall cluster mess. Which to me this is what most group shoots become. However, these group shoots are invaluable to you as networking opportunities. So after driving 3 hours to meet up and perform this group shoot, I left with a few good images, but most importantly new friends in the industry. I got face to face time with some well-established photographers, got to meet and work with some amazing experienced models, and got to meet with a studio owner/ designer by the name of Cheri Wilson Chagollan who would be beyond instrumental and influential in my growth. Needless to say I have on a dozen or so occasions made the 6 hours round trip voyage to shoot at Wonderland Studios O.C. in order to get the images I would not get at home. My growth eventually lead to wardrobe that was designed at the studio being brought to my locations as I grew. 


Established Models and Photographers

How many times in your every growing experience have you seen the work of someone in the industry and just stared in amazement and though to yourself "I would love to be able to work with this person"? Well as I was starting out this happened more often that I could explain. I would see people whos work was to a level far beyond where I was shooting, and typically they had a fan base and following that I could never dream, of reaching. So what would I do about this situation? Well I would hit them up and start to network with them. In time as my work got a little better I would present them with an idea of a possible shoot together, but I would also present the idea somewhere in their area. Who am I as a beginner without much to offer other than a promise to do my best, to ask them to drive out of their way to come shoot with me? This is where I knew before I even asked that I would be traveling to shoot with this person wherever they wanted. If I valued this person's work to the level that I have been telling them, then the least I can do is show it by making my chance to work with them fit around their schedule and minimize any inconvenience for them taking a chance and working with me. For me, trips to So Cal became a regular ordeal. This is where a lot of established and talented models were based out of, so I was making my trip to them. With a round trip of anywhere from 5 to 6 hours, it became almost normal to be on the road to get the shots, network with people, and gain experience. Soon I found myself traveling to Vegas, and beyond. My first long trip came when Damien Decent and Rachelle Nicole Hoffman agreed to work with me. When that opportunity landed at my feet, I packed up my gear and drove to Phoenix Arizona. Total drive time to Phoenix, the location, back, and then home was roughly 20 hours. Talk about a road trip, but this is what you do as a beginner trying to work with established people in the industry. From there Rachelle and I have gained a great working relationship and now take turns each year driving to each other. 


Location and Props

Studios can only offer so much as far as creativity and looks go, for me locations offer the ability to expand your imagination and create images that can tell stories or draw the people in. Obviously the locations and props are not going to come to you, so you already know some travel will be in order. I like to think that my locations are one of the things I am known for in my shots. As a photographer with a vision of what I want to shoot, I tend to spend countless hours not only researching locations online, but actually driving around and scouting these locations. A lot of people like the abandoned and desolate locations that I shoot at. Well these always come with some travel time to get to. Some of the locations may be only an hour away, while others may be a 5 hour drive away. Many models want to shoot in these locations, but they don't want it bad enough to invest in the time to get to these locations. If you want work that stands out in your portfolio, you have to offer some divers images, and this comes from being able to shoot in different locations. Now the reason I included "Props" in this section, is because I have many fans of the shoots i do with girls and various aircraft. Now being able to shoot with these aircraft are not only a privilege, but also an honor. Many of these aircraft are worth millions of dollars and can cost thousands of dollars to fly from one location to the next. So when I am fortunate enough to line up an aircraft, I can't very well ask the owners to fly the aircraft to my location. So this means that I and the model will be traveling to the airport that the plane is based out of. Some of these planes will be around the corner from me and the model, and some will be several hours away. And while there are a lot of images of models with aircraft, some of these warbirds are a once in a lifetime experience to not only see and touch, but to shoot with. These are moments when even the most experienced models will humble themselves down and travel where the aircraft are without a second thought. 


My home base!

So now that I covered some more general areas that can fit pretty much anywhere, might as well take a moment to highlight my home base. If you haven't figured out by the title of the blog, I work out of Bakersfield. Most people think of Bakersfield and act like they are driving to another world, which sometimes the place feels that way. The thing a lot of models don't take into account is that while it is roughly an hour and a half from L.A., so are half the locations they from across L.A. to get to after they deal with the traffic. One of the things I pride myself on up here is not only my diverse set of locations to capture many different looks, but also the very relaxed outlook towards the industry. I have on multiple occasions been asked in other cities to stop shooting due to lack of permits. It does not matter that the work in non-commercial and no money is being put into or made from the production, the fact it is professional equipment means the shoot gets shut down. I have shot everything imaginable here locally not online outside of, but right in the middle of down town and never had a problem. Mix that with the accessibility of various locations, it allows for easy and diverse shoots with minimal problems, and an overall fun experience.  I will leave you with an assortment of images that all come from my local locations, and highlights why it is beneficial for models or photographers to always be willing to travel to work with the right people at the right locations! 





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Photographer Wife Swap Photographer Wife Swap

Model: Audrie Loraine

Hair/ Make Up: Shot Gun Betty MakeUp

Plane Owner: Dan Hammond

See full set here!

Ever since getting into photography, there have been certain photographers whose work has always stood out to me. Some of these are because their style is just amazing, maybe it's stuff I want to learn from, sometimes its because I would love to see Jessica work with them, and other times it's a mixture of it all. Well I would say that Donnie Chartier of DC Imagery is one who definitely fell into this category from early on. Each type of photography has a certain feel that it typically follows. While each photographer brings their own style and technique, I feel there are certain basics that also need to be met. With that said, my War Bird Pin Up series was one that I felt needed to meet certain expectations of the type of images they would be, as well as my own style to make them stand out as being my own. Donnie was one of the photographers I started to follow early on in order to get a feel of what direction I needed to aim towards, while forging my own path. 

So what does all this have to do with my shoot and the title of this blog you may ask? Well as fate would have it Donnie eventually had a project that he felt Jessica would be good for, and set a date for her to go down and shoot with him. Since on most road trips I typically drive us, but I don't hang around Jessica's shoots, I thought I would line up a shoot of my own in the area. Before I could arrange my own shoot, I needed some type of time frame for Donnie and Jessica's shoot so that I could plan mine around it. After connecting with Donnie and informing him of my plans, he threw the idea out there of me possible shooting with his wife. I thought that this could work out perfect! Having an experienced model, with a great look, and style would mean we could connect and knock out an awesome shoot within the time that Donnie and Jessica would be shooting.

This is where the awesome Audrie Loraine comes into the picture.... literally lol. We connected with eachother and began our planning for this shoot. When Audrie asked what I was thinking, I told her that I was open to do anything that she would be excited for, or really wanting to shoot. Ironically her response to me was pretty much the same lol. One thing she mentioned was that she would really love to do one of my shoots with a plane. So from there her task was to start thinking of a few wardrobe ideas for the day, while I tried to secure us a plane. With Donnie and Jessica shooting in Riverside, it meant that for the best use of time, I would need to find a plane at the Riverside Airport. The only problem was that it just happens to be one of the airports that I knew no one with a plane at. After making a few calls, and reaching out to a few of my regular friends, I then reached out to the Facebook friends and fans, to see if anyone could assist. A friend by the name of Dave that I had not previously had the pleasure of meeting in person was able to step up in a big way and reach out to a plane owner he knew. The plane was based in Corona, but the owner was willing to fly it down for a couple of hours so that we could use it in the shoot.  So Jessica and I left Bakersfield bright and early the morning of the shoots and made our way to Riverside. We ended up meeting up with Donnie so that I could hand Jessica over. Audrie was with her hair and makeup artist getting prepped for our shoot, so after a little bit of visiting time, I made my way to the airport in order to meet with Dave and the plane owner. The timing couldn't have been better, as I could see our plane flying overhead as I pulled into the airport. After scouting a few locations, we found the perfect area for the shoot and directed the plane owner into position as he landed. Once the plane was in place, Miss Audrie arrived, and we let the fun begin! 


For the shoot we had planned wardrobe wise to try and fit in 3 different wardrobes of various looks. With most my War Bird Pin Up sets, I like to do some type of sexy lingerie, some type of dress, and then something in between. Sometimes the in between ranges from high waisted shorts, to bathing suites, or just a more covering form of lingerie. For this one Audrie had brought an amazing sheer night gown that I just knew I wanted tin incorporate into the shoot. So the one thing that is usually the hardest to capture in a set like this though, is usually the fun that happens that makes the shoot what I would consider a success. It just so happened to be that the day we were shooting this set, was the same day that the weeds around the airport were being cleared by members of a work release program. Needless to say that as they were being picked up and driven by the shoot none of them were complaining about their work release duty for the day. Its times like that where you get a good laugh and kind of keep the mood light and fun. As we continued to shoot, there was the idea of having Audrie lying on her back on the wing of the plane. As you can see from the behind the scenes image above, it was an awkward position to shoot in for her. What you do not see is the point where the awesome hair stylist on set (Cynthia) had to hold Audrie in place so she would not slide head first off the wing, then jump out of the way while I quickly grabbed the shots. There may be a little truth to the saying that surviving a shoot with me is an accomplishment. 

As we were wrapping up the shoot I got a text from Jessica that her and Donnie had just finished up and were on their way to the airport to meet us. With the timing working out just about perfect, we all started to pack up, say our goodbyes, and watch the beautiful plane depart into the sunset for its short hop back home to Corona. After seeing everyone else off, it was time for Audrie and I to meet up with Donnie and Jess to go ahead and trade back after a successful day for everyone involved in both shoots! The only thing left to end the day......... well the creeper selfie of course! 

See The Full Set Here!

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Lady In Red The Lady In Red

Model: Jessica Alicia Bertrand

Hair: Maria Celene Ventura

Make Up: Xochilt Stoke

Wardrobe: Wonderland Corsets


          Recently on a trip to our home away from home at Wonderland Studios in Orange County California, Jessica Bertrand came across a new head piece that they had just finished designing, and knew she just had to shoot in it. While visiting with our friends in the studio we were discussing about how the local Almond Orchards in our area were about to come into bloom. When the Almond Orchards bloom it creates a magical, mythical looking land full of colors and ground covered in the soft white petals from the blossoms as they fall from the trees. If you are lucky and the weather cooperates with you, then you may get a solid 2 week window from the blooming of these beautiful tress, till they have all fallen and become a distant memory for the next year. 

          During this time of year all the local orchards become flooded with photographers from near and far, everyone from the amateur hobbyist to the seasoned professionals. While this leads to many people getting some amazing images, it also leads to many farmers orchards being trampled, damaged, and left full of trash. It is not uncommon to find the most accessible orchards lined with cars, with families down every isle. Some of the families keep it basic, while others tend to bring out props ranging from stools to full on couches and tables. Being that we had not had family photos done in awhile, we decided to join in the tradition and throw my camera on the tripod and capture our little family in the orchards as well. 

          Back to the idea for the main shoot, Jessica knew she wanted to nail this shoot the moment she saw the head piece. She then asked the amazing Cheri Wilson Chagollan at Wonderland Corsets if she had the perfect wardrobe to go with the head piece. Needless to say we were soon on our way back to Bakersfield with the perfect wardrobe for the shoot that we had envisioned. While driving back Jessica then began to assemble the team which we would need to make this shoot happen. Make up for this shoot was going to have to be on point, and needed to have a little extra touch to it. Far more than Jessica knew she would want to attempt on her own. For this the amazing Xochilt Stoke was contacted and presented with the project. After hearing what we were going for she jumped on board and began thinking of the perfect look that would pop for this shoot. Next on the agenda was hair. The hair offered two challenges, first one being that it had to look amazing to match the rest of the wardrobe and make up, but second it had to incorporate and support the head piece which inspired the shoot. For this task, Maria Celene Ventura was contacted to see if she would be interested in bringing her skills to the table. This put the full team in place and everything was lined up for the shoot.

          Now with the team in place, the final piece of the puzzle would come down to the perfect location. We were already pushing it towards the end of the bloom with the date set to shoot, so we knew the exact location would be critical. As luck would have it I had a friend who just so happened to be an Almond farmer, and his private orchards were at my disposal to make this shoot happen. The week prior to the shoot I took a trip out to the property and drove around scouting the perfect rows to make this shoot happen. The pickings were already thin, and then to make matters worse a large wind storm came through the areas 2 days prior to the shoot. This storm managed to not only blow a majority of the blossoms from the trees, but also left a muddy location to contend with. One of the first priorities was to ensure the wardrobe was not dirtied or damaged in the process of this shoot. The morning of the shoot, once hair and make up was done, we packed up all our gear and headed out to the location. Once there we were able to find a spot that worked, and the mud was minimal, so we began!

         While shooting, a couple things kept going through my head regarding the location. First off was that while we were getting some good shots, the blooms just were not quiet where I wanted them and the shots seem to be lacking just a little bit because of this. The second thought was that we had some amazing storm clouds overhead, and we really could not capture them through the orchards. With a little brain storming we decided to step away from the orchards and move to a field next to us, in an effort to maybe catch the clouds. What happened next was an amazing collision of color and contrast that was not planned at all. There are times when things just fall into place, and this was one of those. The red of the dress managed to flow and pop while resting in the bright green field. Drop the blue of the sky with contrasting storm clouds in the back ground, and everything just seemed to work. In the end we were able to put together an idea, a team, and come out with a great shoot that the whole team could be proud to be a part of. 

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