About Me

I'm Curtis
Hi there!

I like to get to know my clients and what vision they have for the photography that they have hired me for. The goal is for me to bring their vision to life and give them the images that they have been dreaming of. Once I know what this vision is then I scout for the perfect location and set for their images. Part of the planning process involves research on my end to make sure I am going to provide exactly what they are expecting and hoping to get from their shoot. At time the shoot may require that I acquire props and at times even build sets to suit the vision. Being comfortable and confident while having fun is my top priority for the clients. If these are in place then the images will work themselves out and reflect it. I love being creative and artistic with my sets and am always excited to see the outcome. What distinguishes myself from other photographers is that I am looking to provide quality sets and photographs versus turning out as many sets as possible, as fast as I can. I feel this is important in making sure the clients get their moneys worth and become returning clients and building a long lasting professional relationship.